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SINCE 1964

#ImACeleb Who's excited? Could you face the challenge & leap? We'll throw in FREE handy cam photos if you're brave enough! To book call 01404 890222 by 30th November.

Welcome to one of the UK's leading parachute schools

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience or to become the next world champion, we can make it happen. Our centre has some of the best facilities in the UK, including one of the most comfortable and fastest climbing jump planes in the world. We provide excellent services and facilities such as first class coffee bar and restaurant; The Aviator.

Never beaten on price with our PRICE GUARANTEE!

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Tandem skydive freefall
Handy cam photo after parachute opened

15,000ft... highest possible skydive without an oxygen supply! No-one jumps higher :)

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Tandem skydives

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Fun jumping with bears!