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Breakdown for Payment Due
Flight Tickets for the purposes of passenger transport taking parachutists to altitude when skydiving from Flyhigh Buzz Ltd aircraft are Zero Rated for VAT. The flight ticket part of this payment will be made to Flyhigh Buzz Ltd and the remainder to Skydive Buzz Ltd. All jumpers are required to complete a medical form to carry out the skydive.

British Skydiving (compulsory governing body 3rd party insurance). Fee of £{{jumpers.length*config.bpa}} will be due within 7 days of your purchase.

All jumpers are aged 16 or over
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    £{{['8am15']}} 8am arrival sunday
    £{{config.prices.midweek['15']}} wed, thurs & fri
    £{{config.prices.weekend['15']}} sat & sun (bank holiday monday)
    Jump for free with one of our registered charities. Booking will only require a £{{config.jump_deposit}} deposit; then raise at least the amount set out by your selected charity (typically £395) and the discounted skydive cost of £{{config.prices.jff}} covered in by the charity.
If you are jumping from 10,000ft or higher, you have the choice to pay a £50 deposit today and the remaining balance 10 days before the day of your skydive.
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Media options are only available for 15,000ft tandems, if you’re jumping from a lower altitude and book media you will be required to upgrade to 15,000ft.
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Minimum age for skydiving is 16
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Minimum age for skydiving is 16
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