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I am not local, Can you recommend somewhere for me to stay?

There is a Camp site that is 5 Minutes away from us. Its called Forest Glade Holiday Park. We also recommend “The Culm” -Check them out here The Culm

Is there a maximum age for skydiving in the UK?

There is no longer a maximum age for tandem skydiving in the UK. The maximum age for learning to skydive is 55 years of age.

What is the minimum age for skydiving in the UK?

The minimum age for skydiving in the UK is 16. If you are under the age of 18, a parental consent form will be provided on arrival to be filled in.

Can I bring alcohol to the drop zone?

Alcohol may not be consumed on any part of the drop zone until after the last lift of the day has taken off. You may celebrate with a drink in ‘The Avaitor Coffee Bar and Restaurant’ 100 meters up the road though!

I may need some ‘Dutch Courage’. Is it ok to have a small drink before I jump?

Absolutely not. Jumping following the consumption of even a small amount of alcohol is potentially very dangerous. Anyone whom an instructor suspects to have been drinking will not be able to jump and will lose their deposit. The ‘The Avaitor Coffee Bar and Restaurant’ which is adjacent to us on the Airfield has a licensed bar and you are more than welcome to go there for a celebratory drink AFTER you have made your jump.

Is the booking fee/deposit refundable, even if I change my mind about skydiving?

No, unfortunately deposits and booking fees are non-refundable.

Is there disabled access?

Absolutely. Disabled spectators and skydivers* are more than welcome. *It is perhaps worth mentioning that it is also possible for people with certain disabilities to make a tandem skydive (subject to medical approval).

I can’t afford the costs. What can I do?

You can jump for FREE if you do a sponsored skydive for charity and raise enough sponsorship money. Check it out here Jump for free

Am I insured?

All jumpers are covered by the British Skydiving third party Liability Insurance of £2 million.

Can I bring my pet?

Please don’t. Active airfields are not suitable for pets.

Can I have my jump filmed or photographed?
Photo and Video

It is possible to have a tandem skydive, or an AFF training jump filmed/photographed at an additional cost – see here for details. To avoid possible disappointment, it is advisable to pre-book by phoning the office.

GoPro / Phone Camera / Own Camera
Photo and Video

Unfortunately this is not allowed by our Governing Body, British Skydiving. The only people that can wear a GoPro are licensed skydivers with at least 200 jumps.

What’s your smoking policy?

Smoking is not allowed on any part of the dropzone. Parachute equipment is made of a nylon material which burns easily. You may smoke in the car park, off site.

Are spectators allowed on site?

Family and friends are more than welcome to watch your unforgettable experience but please let them know that as a spectator there can be some waiting time. Please also make them aware that we do not allow dogs on the airfield.

How much are the training courses and tandem skydives?
The Jump

Please check our current price list found here.

How will I know if my Skydive is going ahead?
The Jump

You will receive a text message the day before your Skydive at around 4pm to confirm whether your jump is going ahead or not due to the weather conditions. Please do not travel to us before receiving a weather update from us. If for any reason you have not heard from us please pop us a call – 01404 890222

What about the weather?
The Jump

We will not jump in unsafe weather conditions, however you can never rely on the weather forecast entirely so you should turn up at the agreed time regardless of what the forecast says. Remember that if the weatherman says it will be partly cloudy, it also means that it will be partly sunny!

What if I’m late?
The Jump

Please arrive on time! If you are booked to make a tandem skydive and you arrive late Skydive Buzz reserves the right to revoke any special offer discounts applied and charge the full skydive price. Directions to Dunkeswell Airfield can be found here:  Dunkeswell Airfield Nr Honiton Devon EX14 4LG

What time should I arrive for my jump?
The Jump

You will be advised of an arrival time when you book your jump. -Check your email confirmation if you forget

Will I enjoy my jump?
The Jump

Almost certainly, although it is only natural that you might be a little anxious before your first jump. Check out or social media to see our previous skydivers smiles Facebook

Will I jump in the same plane as my friend(s)?
The Jump

If you want to guarantee you will be in the same aircraft load as another individual or group, you can buy a ‘Group Boarding Pass’ for £10 per person. Group size is limited to the availability of tandem instructors on the day of your jump and to aircraft capacity. We withhold the right to refuse this service.