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9am - 5pm (7 Days)

Home to the legendary Twin Beech Boogie and the UK’s only full time Beech 99's

At Dunkeswell we support all different forms of skydiving Including Formation Skydiving, Freeflying, Skysurfing, Canopy Formation, Tracking and Wingsuiting so come along and i'm sure there will be something going on for you!

Getting Your FS1 Qualification

As soon as you gain your ‘A’ license after completing your AFF or Static Line course, our FS coaches offer a first class system to enable you to gain your FS1 qualification.

The course of around 10 jumps is based upon the British Parachute Association’s Formation Skydiving Progression Manual and Dunkeswell’s own carefully tailored Formation Skydiving Progression Programme.

Gaining the FS1 qualification will enable you to:

  • Jump with other FS1 qualified skydivers
  • Participate in organised FS jumps at Dunkeswell and elsewhere
  • Become involved in 4-Way and larger competition skydiving
  • Take the first steps towards getting on ‘Big-Ways’ around the World
  • Have fun
  • Work towards being an accomplished ‘all-round’ skydiver

FS coaching dives include a thorough briefing and preparation, a detailed video debrief and a copy of the video of your dives.

Normally some FS coaches will be available every weekend to provide a service to AFF graduates striving to obtain their FS1 qualification. However it is recognised that often pre-FS1 skydivers feel like second class citizens as it has often been so difficult for them to get a coach. It is proposed to hold one weekend a month where all the coaches make themselves available to coach skydivers on their way to FS1. This means that there is unlikely to be anybody left to organise big-ways so experienced skydivers will be invited to join in to make up numbers on 3- and 4-way training dives. Here is a double benefit to such a weekend as the experienced skydivers who participate will be able to demonstrate and improve their skills if they wish to become coaches themselves.

We usually have FS coaches available every weekend however to make sure there is one available please email Jack Bradford at fs1@skydive.buzz.

Formation Skydiving (FS99)

REGULAR Bigway weekends

FS BIGWAY DATES: Please check Events diary

For jumpers who have already gained the FS1 qualification our organised FS loads include an emphasis on training and improving skills and we frequently invite guest FS load organisers to enable you to learn from their experience.

Our community of formation skydivers tend to organise their jumps on the day so no matter when you turn up there will always be someone to jump with as we have FS Load organisers available every weekend!

Scrambles, 4-way and 8-way fun!

A chance for everybody to have fun using the skills learned and improving skills in a fun but safe environment, AFF instructors, tandem instructors and free-flyers all welcome to join in the mayhem. 4-way hybrid dives could be a category too.

Please register for these events by calling 01404 890222. To see what’s happening at Dunkeswell this year have a look at the events diary.

Free Fly Skydiving

REGULAR FREE FLY weekends are organised in Dunkeswell, see the events calendar for more details.

We will be coaching 1 on 1, organising groups of all levels depending on who is here. Head up, head down, tracking, hybrids and tube jumps.

About DAN GUEST in case you don’t know yet:

  • 1900 jumps
  • BPA FF Coach
  • UK 30 Way Head Down Record 2013
  • European 96 Way Head Down Record 2013, Spain
  • Member of 4 way dynamic team Dynamos who competed at Bodyflight World Challenge and Knights of Prague

Our community of Free Fly Skydivers has grown quickly since the arrival of a Beech King Air in 2007 and has continued to grow since the arrival of our Beech 99 is 2010 and since 2013 we now have 2 Beech 99's.

We all know that Free Flying involves speed but that doesn’t necessarily mean less time in Free Fall.

We go to 15,000ft ASL allowing you longer to go vertical!

We are able to offer training in basic entry level freefly skills to more advanced flying skills that require the use of all axis and fall rates during a single skydive.

The approach we adopt with all coaching is not simply to show positions and request replication, we also work on techniques to maximise effectiveness. All too often a coach dive can deviate from plan due to the student being tense or feeling pressure to perform. This is human instinct however there are techniques to reduce this and improve our performance we will introduce you to this so you get the most out of your skydive and you coaching.

An ideal course for anyone wanting to explore the world of freeflying but aren’t quite sure if they wish to invest in a full FF1 course. Included in the course is a Freefly manual covering everything in the course as well as a lot more for you to read up on.

We cover all the safety aspects such as fall rates, orientation, recovery technique, equipment safety, exit order, break off, exit position, in air communication, etc. As well as the in air skills to ensure you start with good habits!


We have a large group of trackers down at Dunkeswell who often organise tracking dives for all levels whether your just getting the hang of tracking or more experienced and interested in larger groups.

Our Freefly coaches can also arrange tailored tracking coaching introducing changing angles of flight during track, controlling approaches, docks, fall rate, forward speed and both back tracking and belly tracking.

For more information contact the DZ.

Canopy Formation (CF)

We love canopy formation at Dunkeswell.

Not satisfied with day time CF? We also organise extending the CF into the night with some Night CF.


Over the last year or so Wingsuiting has become a more popular discipline across the skydiving scene and this is no different at Dunkeswell.

We now have a decent number of common wingsuit flyers at Dunkeswell and coaches available if your fancy trying out some wings!

Sky Surfing & Night Jumps

We welcome Skysurfers at Dunkeswell, despite being a less common discipline we still have a couple club members who like to get on the board.

Don’t get disheartened when the nights start drawing in its the ideal time of year for Night Jumps!

Min req. FAI B Cert


Canopy Handling Course

Would you like to work towards having the skills to be able to use the best swoop pond in Europe?? Skydive99 has built Europe’s finest swoop pond facility measuring 25m by 70m open to CP2 qualified canopy pilots. Swoop99 is now offering Canopy Handling and Canopy Piloting courses.

The 3-day Canopy Handling course is designed to provide students with the information and skills to become highly proficient canopy pilots.

Over ten coached hop & pop jumps from 7000ft, you will look to improve your accuracy, landings and canopy survival skills, increasing your confidence and understanding of your canopy.

This course is aimed at those pilots that are A license and above, working towards gaining CH2, CP1 and CP2.

Skydive99 Facebook Profile Picture

Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
21/06/2017 20:06

Great days jumping today on the longest day of the year. Our AFF student Tindy had an amazing day 5 consol jumps and her level 8. Workshy Wednesday is definitely the day to be here :-)

Skydive99 Facebook Profile Picture

Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
21/06/2017 16:53

Its party time again 26th August, keep the day free, see events for details....

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
21/06/2017 16:46

It's party time again 26th August to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Marines Free Fall Parachute Display Team, also the 30th Anniversary of the Free Fall Team and friends British 34 star record. Last year 250 people joined us for a hoofing (hoofing translates to fantastic) party. Old school left the bar last at 2am and some chose to celebrate the night with fireworks at 3am, at least I think they were fireworks as the explosions were over my tent. Two Beech 99s will be operating, Gary Powell will be co-ordinating an attempt on our British star record over the weekend those interested speak to Gary Powell. You guys will have an extra 3,000' (15secs) compared to what we had back in the day.....just saying :D Food will be available on the night but will need to be pre-booked which went down well last year. £7.95 for Buffet. If your attending the party give is a call to let us know your attending so we can prepare for the numbers and ensure its another party to remember and its open to everyone :D Tel:01404 890222 Please share and get the word out there, its an opportunity for those that missed the last party and ended up kicking themselves to attend this one. Limited to 250 so don't snooze book in early!!

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
20/06/2017 15:55

Wahoo! 🤣 We're jumping tomorrow.... Workshy Wednesday anyone?

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
19/06/2017 12:09

Part A - Advanced Landing Patterns Making 2 left hand turns, avoiding the runway and landing near or in the circle seems simple enough, but can we do better? A good landing pattern will give us a high level of accuracy, sets us up for a comfortable landing and is easy to predict for others around us, as well as giving us plenty of alternate options should we need them. On most jumps we can get away with a half-assed pattern and reasonable accuracy, but that won't always be the case. What if you're landing off the DZ or find yourself heading towards another jumper on final? Or how about getting your display clearance? We'll cover: • Planning your canopy ride • Assistive Equipment • Building the stack • Patterns in different conditions • Making adjustments • Dangerous habits Part B - Perfecting Your Landing Technique Do you struggle to land consistently on your feet, or do you struggle to deal with those "crosswind gusts" just as you come to flare? Are you as comfortable landing in nil winds or downwind as you are landing into a moderate headwind? Starting by defining what we mean by a good landing, we look at the following topics with video debriefs of up to 5 jumps to work on technique: • 2 stage flare - the real definition • Common landing problems • Landing in different conditions • The "cross-wind gust" • The PLF • Rear riser landings £200 including 5 jumps

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
15/06/2017 16:52

We're open for jumping tomorrow :)

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
13/06/2017 15:37

We're OPEN for jumping tomorrow, it's looking beautiful! 🦄🌞 AFF & Static Line get down here!!

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
9/06/2017 11:32

Helicopter jumps - 24 PERSON LIMIT! No previous experience required, but you must be B licence or above. Altitude approx 5000ft, max 4 people per load, can hang off the rail ;) £70 per jump, one jump paid upfront. If we jump and you don't attend, the £70 will be lost! If the weather isn't suitable the money will stay on your account. Briefing at 17:30. Please be here 1 hour before for kit & docs check. Register online or call 01404 890222 http://www.skydiveukltd.com/sport/events/

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
8/06/2017 15:21

A fantastic little video made by one of our lovely coaches Joe, to brighten up anyones day! 😍

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
6/06/2017 16:16

We are open for jumping tomorrow!!!!

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Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
2/06/2017 15:16

Just to let sports jumpers know we are only jumping from 10'000ft before 5pm on Saturday and before approximately 11am on Sunday. Weather looking good for tomorrow :-)

Skydive99 Facebook Profile Picture

Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
30/05/2017 18:21

We will be open for jumping tomorrow. 😀

Skydive99 Facebook Profile Picture

Skydive99 - Dunkeswell
29/05/2017 12:24

Fantastic weekend of jumping!!! NFTO 4 way team training and Gary Powell's Bank Holiday FS Bigway!!!!!! Photo by Joe Mannn, Dan Guest and Simon Brentford