Sobell House Hospice

For over 40 years the Sobell House Hospice has offered care and support for people throughout the county of Oxfordshire affected by terminal illness and end of life care. Whether that care is provided in the hospice, via our day centre, or in the patients own home, the focus is on the individual and in providing the best care possible for both the patient and the family.

The care people receive in their last weeks or days of life affects us all. Every day Sobell House cares for around 150 people at home, in our Day Centre or Inpatient Unit and on the wards of our main hospitals. The focus of the care is on the here and now. It is centred on the patient's needs at this particular moment in time in order to make the present as good as it can be for the patient. The help that we give patients takes one of many forms, from pain management, pastoral care, advice with accessing financial help and help with maintaining independence. Our staff accompany patients and their families on what is undoubtedly the most difficult journey they will ever make. As a patient's condition changes, the staff adapt the care provided to suit and work with both the patient and their family to ensure the appropriate care is in place. Leading up to and after the death of a patient, Sobell House Bereavement team help family members cope with their loss. This has helped many people adapt and pick up their lives again.