The Mayor of Teignmouth Charity Fund

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Making a parachute jump for The Mayor of Teignmouth Charity Fund will help all sectors of our community from the very young to the very old, across all areas of Teignmouth and will make a difference to people. This is the reason I am asking you to make a jump for the Mayor of Teignmouth Charity Fund is so that we can help raise money for The Mayors Fund, the Helen Foundation and the Alice Cross Centre.
By working together as a community we can make a big difference to the lives of people in Teignmouth.

It is a tradition that during the Mayoral year the Mayor raises funds to help local Charites and keeping up with traditions as Mayor of Teignmouth I will raise money for 3 areas 1.The Mayors Fund, 2.The Helen and 3.The Alice Cross Centre.

1. The Mayors Fund
will help individuals in Teignmouth who would benefit from a small grant to help with their chosen area of excellence, whether this be sport, art, education or other areas. However, preference will be given to young people under the age of 21. An example of how this will work can best be explained by a recent situation which we came across where a young person who was an excellent gymnast could not afford competition leotards due to Family circumstances, so therefore could not compete...... a small donation of 100 pounds, would have made it possible for her to compete in the competition. There are plenty of people out there in Teignmouth representing Great Britain, Devon, Teignbridge OR Teignmouth in their chosen sport, education and other areas who could do with a little help with kit, travel expenses and their costs of pursuing their dreams.

2. The Helen Foundation "an arts-based charity to support and motivate young people" see

3. The Alice Cross Centre - aims to enable older people in the Teignmouth area to live life to the full by providing activities, learning, lunches and promote well being, good health and independent living see www.