The Nelson Trust

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Please jump for The Nelson Trust because your support will save lives, rebuild shattered families and give hope where none previously existed.

One of the UK's leading addiction treatment centres, The Nelson Trust is a fully independent charity providing treatment, care and support for people with drug and alcohol problems, those at risk of offending, and other adults and young people with complex psychological and social needs.
Through its work, hundreds of people have been helped to find a fulfilling and independent life free of addiction. Vocational training and education are vital parts of the treatment programme, and employment is seen as an achievable goal for clients, enabling them to give something back to society.
The Nelson Trust has grown steadily in both size and scope since its foundation in 1985. It is known as a flagship rehabilitation centre within its field and has recently been praised by the Ministry of Justice and the Cabinet Office for its very successful work with young women.
Your support is much appreciated and will help the Trust to meet the ever increasing demand for its services.