Help our Wounded Royal Marines & Supporting A

Because we have to have supporters who help fundraise so we can help our Wounded, Injured Royal Marines or their families in times of need.

The charity was founded in 2010, (registered Charity number 1150893) to assist any injured or Wounded Royal Marines, this has now progressed to include supporting arms, meaning anyone who has the ill fortune of being injured, wounded whilst assisting Royal Marines i.e. anyone serving with 3 Commando Brigade, Medical staff, soldiers sailors and airmen we will help if we can. we became a registered charity in 2014 and have helped various individuals as well as groups, with over £20.000 going too the rehabilitation center Haslar Coy in HMS Drake Plymouth, £10,000 going to Hunter troop at the Commando Training centre Royal Marines who look after recruits injured in training as well as trained ranks. We have as i say helped a lot of individuals, from purchasing Gym equipment for a double amputee who has since won Gold medals at Para Olympics and Invictus games, setting injured Royal Marine up so he started his own successful business, and also paid for injured amputees to attend courses so they can get back into independent work.