Sparkle at Serennu Children's Centre (formerl

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Please jump for Sparkle where special children shine.

Sparkle was first established in 1991 (known then as South Gwent Children's Foundation) in response to a report by therapists and parents of children with severe and complex disabilities. This highlighted the lack of joined-up thinking in provision, access, co-ordination and opportunities for their children. Sparkle started out with the aim of building and equipping what is now the Serennu Children's Centre. Now that it is open, Sparkle continues to support the ideal of a fully integrated service. We provide social, leisure, family facilities and activities at Serennu, ensuring the centre is more than just therapy/treatment where children can try a new activity, see a film or enjoy outdoors activities. Annually 1200 children/young people with severe/complex physical and developmental disabilities attend Serennu. Many are socially isolated and denied their peers' opportunities to develop key skills.