YMCA Plymouth

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Make a difference to the life of a disadvantaged young person by JUMPING FOR YMCA PLYMOUTH. Your courageous effort will enable us to continue to support young people living with disabilities, youth from deprived backgrounds, and those affected by physical or mental health issues. Help give a young person a better chance in life- please support YMCA Plymouth.

Since 1848, YMCA Plymouth has been supporting the young people of Plymouth. Last year: - 250 young people Not in Employment, Education or Training completed our BTEC and training courses - Over 350 young people with disabilities were supported through training, sport and leisure activities - More than 400 people received information, advice and guidance on careers, homelessness, and health Mick, a 24 year old woman with autism, seldom ventured outside alone and had become depressed, overweight, and not confident in her ability. Through our support, Mick now strolls down alone to YMCA Plymouth to participate in sport and leisure activities; and has lost an amazing 22 pounds over 6 months. "I love it, the staff are so nice!" says Mick.