Penny Brohn UK

Cancer affects so much more than just your body. We support people living with cancer to live as well as possible in every area of their life, no matter who they are and whatever their circumstances. However, it is only down to the generosity of people like you, that we can continue to do this, so please jump for Penny Brohn UK. You will be making a huge difference to someone just like you.

Penny Brohn UK is the leading UK charity specialising in a whole person approach to cancer, known as the Bristol Whole Life Approach. Our Approach recognises that, to be healthy, we need to pay attention to all parts of ourselves ? our mind, body, spirit and emotions, as these are all closely connected and work together to support our immune system and its ability to keep us well. We've helped and supported thousands of people through their experience of cancer for over 36 years and we know this approach really does work. We support every aspect of a person's life, helping them to build resilience and live the best life possible, whatever their circumstances. We show people how healthy eating, staying active, managing their stress and reconnecting with the things they love can make a big difference to their health and wellbeing. Bringing together both medical advice and complementary approaches, we find the best of what works for each individual and help them find what they need, to live as well as they can.