Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo

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Please help Milena Malesevic, our lone rescuer, continue to help over 100 starving, abused and suffering street dogs and strays in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina - a desolate dangerous place for dogs.

My name is Milena Malesevic (saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo) - I am desperate about plight of my stray dogs in Bosnia-Herzogevina. Many many suffer from abuse, hate, starving and poisoning. In my country we have not proper shelters - state ones are full of corruption and very many dogs suffer and die.
Many people here want our dogs to die not neuter - -they kill dogs with rifles and other horrible methods - they poison a lot of our poor dogs and many are hit by cars.
I have helped and rescued my poor street dogs for 20 years now and i feed many hungry dogs, 100 where I live.
When I can, in an industrial area and at the edge of the city and villages where dogs are very bad - They starve - noone helps them. I love all my dogs and they love me.
I arrange adoptions but I must have donations for food, vet bills and kennels.
In the last 4 years i help 500 dogs have new homes - Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Croatia, Slovenia, USA, and the UK. Thank you good people.