Young Epilepsy

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We would love it if you would jump for Young Epilepsy, because without the kind support from the public we simply can't build better futures for children and young people with epilepsy.

Young Epilepsy is a wonderful children's charity.
We have one simple mission; we want to create better futures for all young people living with epilepsy in the UK - all 112,000.
Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition in childhood with double the number of children living with epilepsy as compared to diabetes. Epilepsy is an unpredictable, disorientating and distressing condition.
Our Surrey campus is home to world class diagnostic, assessment, and rehabilitation services. Our campus is also home to our residential school and college where we support young people whose epilepsy is so complex they need a tailored education, and within reach of our medical centre. Around the country Young Epilepsy offers support and advice to parents and runs outreach programmes.