Epilepsy Sucks UK

Please jump for Epilepsy Sucks UK because they are providing "Sleepsafe" pillows for anyone who is Epileptic to help them sleep safely at night. They have already saved lives but we found out about them to late and our son Tom Roy suffocated during a seizure in his sleep, he was 22 years of age and died Fathers Day June 19th 2011, leaving behind a little 3yr old daughter called Hope. These pillows are recommended to anyone who has Epilepsy but not many people or come to it health professionals know about them.

Epilepsy Sucks UK is an online group of people to which epilepsy has entered and altered our lives!
We offer support for ALL epilepsy related matters from a realistic point of view.

We also fundraise in order to give FREE anti-suffocation pillows to anyone who needs one. Death from suffocation can be prevented!!!

With 1-103 people in the UK diagnosed with epilepsy, we are rising to the challenge to help as many as we can.


YOU can pretend you can't hear us when we talk about epilepsy but it won't make us keep quiet.

The growing number of group of members at Epilepsy Sucks UK will keep getting in your face with the facts!!!

Epilepsy is as COMMON as BREAST CANCER and takes JUST AS MANY lives yet remains the LEAST funded and talked about....UNTIL NOW!!!!

Formed by Sallieann Gould and Vicki Evans in 2010.
Two mothers who have the same view of epilepsy; that it sucks harder than a Dyson in a black hole!