Arrhythmia Alliance

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Please jump for Arrhythmia Alliance so that we can support everyone affected by a heart rhythm disorder now!

The Arrhythmia Alliance works to improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all those affected by arrhythmias. This is achieved in coalition with medical groups and allied professionals, patients, carers and patient groups.
Our dedicated helpline offers personalised support and advice to patients, carers and medical professionals. Support is provided alongside our resources and publications written by experts in the field, covering all areas of arrhythmias and how to manage them effectively. We run education and awareness events throughout the year, culminating in an annual Heart Rhythm Week; this is in addition to conferences for medical experts to share knowledge and best practice.
2017 is our thirteenth year supporting those affected by arrhythmias, and we need your help celebrating with events just like this one! Why not contact us and see what you can do to celebrate with us?