Supporting Neonatal Users & Graduates (SNUG)

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Jump with SNUG to raise funds to help us keep supplying peer support to neonatal families around Devon and be able to provide resources to Devon neonatal units to promote family centred care.

SNUG (Supporting Neonatal Users & Graduates) was established in 2011 in partnership with the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital. What began as a small group of parents reaching out to one another has evolved in to a fully fledged, exemplary peer support service that has gone on to support hundreds of families across the county of Devon. At the essence of our work is the belief that parents who have had a baby in Neonatal care have an unprecedented capacity to understand what others are going through. With the many different groups and schemes we offer, we bring parents together, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and social isolation. Having a baby is such an exciting experience, but being admitted to a neonatal ward whether as part of planned care or as the result of prematurity or birth complications can be a scary time. Feeling overwhelmed, upset or anxious is not a reflection on your ability to cope as a parent. Talking to other parents who have been there or are going through it at the same time can be hugely calming to realise that you aren't the only ones. Even if you are your partner are incredibly close, we all deal with difficult situations differently and here we have a listening and non-judgemental ear. One of the most complex things about being a neonatal mum or dad is the huge mix of emotions you feel. Huge love but also being scared. Feeling grateful but also guilt. All these, and more, are so utterly normal in this situation. Parents are often surrounded by family and friends but still want to talk to someone who not just 'gets it'?