The Volunteer Network

We are a charity based in Glastonbury that works across the Southwest to quite simply try and make people's lives the best they want them to be.

We do this through serval different things:

. We offer volunteering days out for work experience, building social skills, and getting out of the house.

. We run an allotment project in Glastonbury for anyone to get a bit of time outdoors, get a little more physically and mentally fit, and learn about wildlife and plants.

. We run courses and are in partnership with colleges to provide training to anyone who wants it but in particular those who maybe didn't get on with School and College settings.

. We offer our knowledge and help to community groups that are starting off or need some help so they can deliver all the services they want in the most effective way they can.

By doing all of these things we hope to offer some sort of stepping stone for anyone stuck, lost or a little confused in life.

In previous years we have been able to apply for grants of money but due to the recent cost of living crisis and government cuts, we are seeing an increase in our support and a dramatic decrease in the amount of funding available to charities.