African Children's Fund

Please jump for African Children's Fund because your support will make a difference to children born into poverty in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

African Children's Fund is a small charity working with grassroots partners in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our work in the fields of education and children's rights is making a real difference to the lives of 2,500 children born into poverty every year. If you reach the minimum fundraising target on the Jump For Free scheme, your skydive could raise enough money for 10 Kenyan children to go to school for a whole year, thanks to the Kenyan Porridge Clubs programme we support. For every £9 you raise over your fundraising target, you will provide 100 further mugs of porridge to help children attend school rather than working, scavenging or begging on the streets. Your skydive will help children learn in a safe environment and improve their opportunities for a more prosperous future. Thank you!