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Please jump for Nerve Tumours UK because; Every day a baby is born in the UK with Neurofibromatosis, it is one of the world's most common neuro-genetic conditions and as yet there is no cure. There are over 26,500 people in the UK affected by the condition. Our vision is to improve the lives and provide crucial support and empowerment for those affected by Neurofibromatosis in the UK. Thank you.Neurofibromatosis in the UK. Thank you.
Our vision is to improve the lives of those affected by Neurofibromatosis by funding a team of five specialist nurses and a national helpline. We desperately need funds for more nurses. Thank you.

Nerve Tumours UK funds a unique Specialist Support Network for the 26,500 plus, children and adults, diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF), one of the most common neuro-genetic conditions, which causes tumours to grow on nerve endings, and with many associated medical issues. A predominantly community-based service, offering both medical and non-medical advice and support, not just in clinics, but in schools, in employment, navigating the welfare system, and acting as advocates in tribunal and legal cases. These Specialists are highly qualified medical professionals and therapists and link with the many other professionals involved in the care of anyone with NF. Nerve Tumours UK is entirely reliant on the generosity of its donors to help in its work to improve the lives of those affect by Neurofibromatosis. Please support our charity! Thank you so much. email: