Catalyst Foundation (SHE)

We work to remove the barriers to education for incredible girls in rural Zimbabwe - they face incredible challenges everyday so please face one too and jump out of a plane for them.

SHE is a girl-led organisations, working with girls in rural Zimbabwe to remove their barriers to education.

Many girls in these areas are orphaned or living in child-led homes where they are working or caring for other siblings, they travel up to 15km to school but are ill-equipped with uniforms, textbooks and stationery - if they can afford the school fees at all.

SHE believes that girls that stay in education grow to have more options and choices in life, that they are empowered and have hope, through education and supervision they are secure.

SHE launched in November 2020 and is currently supporting 25 girls through their education as well as ensuring they are healthy and fed. Join us in supporting more girls to have choices in their lives.