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  • All jumpers are required to complete a medical form to carry out the skydive.
  • Skydive Buzz agrees to offer 'Jump for Free' participants the opportunity to book a skydive without initially paying the £50 deposit.
  • Fundraisers will agree to fundraise on-line via either Just Giving, BT Giving or Virgin Money Giving (NOT Go-Fund-Me).
  • The fundraisers will agree to notify Skydive Buzz when £50 of funds have been raised.
  • The charity agrees to be invoiced for the £50 deposit once sufficient funds have been raised.
  • Alternatively, if funds are raised off-line, the fundraiser agrees to transfer the £50 deposit to their own account and make the £50 deposit payment personally.
  • Skydive Buzz will expect the deposit to be paid at latest one month before the jump date.
  • If the £50 deposit is not received 1 month before the jump date the jumper will be contacted but if unable to submit the deposit, their space will be cancelled.
  • All other terms and conditions apply as per Skydive Buzz's charity sign-up page

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