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Exclusive Charity Events...

Devon Partnership NHS Trust Special Charity

Join us on our skydive to give hope and support to those with mental health and learning disability needs across Devon.

6th April 2019

Exeter Royal Academy For Deaf Education

Your jump for Exeter Deaf Academy will help us provide life-changing education and care for Deaf children and young people.

19th May 2019
29th June 2019
15th September 2019

St Luke's Hospice

Please jump for St Luke's and help us offer the special and unique support we provide for our terminally ill patients. 'JUMP FOR FREE' - Although Skydive Buzz need to be paid for each skydive, those who raise a minimum of £345 will not have to pay using their own money so the skydive will be 'fr...

30th March 2019
15th June 2019
21st September 2019

Keep Me Close Appeal

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Derriford Hospital cares for babies born from around the South West who have either been born prematurely or with other life threatening illnesses. As the ward has the highest level of expertise and equipment, the ward cares for babies from all over the South West...

30th June 2019

Jeremiah's Journey

Please jump for Jeremiah's Journey to enable us to support bereaved children and their families in Plymouth.

25th November 2018
30th March 2019
22nd June 2019

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Please jump for Muscular Dystrophy UK because we need your help to fight. Muscular Dystrophy UK is the leading UK charity focusing on muscular dystrophy and other related conditions. We are dedicated to beating muscular dystrophy and other related conditions by finding treatments and cures and to i...

9th March 2019


Hannah's is dedicated to empowering children and adults with a range of disabilities. We are committed to challenging societal beliefs surrounding disabled people with the aim of making disability incidental.

24th November 2018

Devon Freewheelers EVS

Without the public's generosity as a Charity we would not be able to continue our voluntary service as we have to maintain our bikes regularly. We are a non-funded charity so all monies is either through kind donations or fund raising events such as these.

21st July 2019

Friends And Families Of Special Children

Please JUMP for Friends and Families of Special Children as the money raised will help to provide support, guidance and activities for families in Plymouth who have children who experience all forms of disabilities, additional needs and difficulties.

6th July 2019