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Upcoming Sporty Events

At Dunkeswell we support all different forms of skydiving Including Formation Skydiving, Freeflying, Skysurfing, Canopy Formation, Tracking and Wingsuiting so come along and i'm sure there will be something going on for you!

Canopy Coaching with Joe Laming 26th Aug 2019

Canopy Coaching with Joe Laming
All levels! £50 for the day.
5 Hop and Pops filmed with de-brief

Helicopter Jumps 26th Aug 2019

B Licence or above Bank Holiday Monday 3pm

Fun jumping with Joe Laming 31st Aug 2019 - 1st Sep 2019

Come and freefly with our amazing Joe Laming! Please register, no fee, just get here for 8am. Cost of jump slots only.

H U Angles with Matty Mitchell 31st Aug 2019 - 1st Sep 2019

H U Angles with Matty Mitchell Non refundable registration fee of £70. 6 slots

Flying Fish 6th Sep 2019 - 8th Sep 2019

Are you a beginner/ intermediate wingsuiter, who wants to gain experience and improve their skills flocking in groups?

Come join us at Dunkeswell for 3 awesome days of jumping and progression

Load organised by Chris Berte with Liam Byrne flying camera


Friday – Sunday Jumping

Suit size no bigger than Funk/ Havoc


£24 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will go towards your first jump ticket.

If you do not show the deposit will not be returned.

Any questions feel free to contact Liam Byrne via facebook or

Formation Big Way with the Bradley Sisters 7th Sep 2019 - 8th Sep 2019

The lovely Bradley sisters (Victoria and Rebecca) are coming to Dunkeswell to pass on their expertise in formation big way.

Come have a lot of fun and learn about big way with the awesome Bradley sisters.

FS1 as a minimum
Big way experience helpful
Comfortable flying in large formations

£24 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will go towards your first jump ticket.
If you do not show the deposit will not be returned.

Who are the Bradley Sisters?

Ladies World Record (2018) in Kharkiv. We both made the cut for the British delegation and were proud to become part of the ‘base squad’ that took part in every one of the attempts and successful record dives. We are extremely proud to say that we are skydiving world record holders and look forward to taking part in other such events over the coming years.
Organised, hosted and competed in both the Sibson 4way Scrambles and Speed 6 competitions. 11 teams competed at the Scrambles (we were the ‘skygods’ on 4 teams) and 6 at the speed 6; 4 of which we captained and put together.
AFF and FS coaching – numerous AFF and FS coaching jumps
Over 150 hours of wind tunnel coaching (over the last 3 years) for UK skydivers inc. 4way FS, AFF, low
level FF and even some newbies who have since become skydivers!

Created the now (in)famous ‘Chick Jam’. This is a ladies only tunnel jam created to enable female
skydivers to try out new skills in a non-judgemental, supportive and fun tunnel environment and then taking their skills to the sky. In 2018 we held our 7th Chick Jam and we built on its success by taking a group of ladies (none of whom had ever flown in a tunnel abroad) away to Skyward in Budapest. Over 50 individual ladies have attended Chick Jams over this time. We are passionate about female representation in skydiving and about ensuring that it remains accessible to everyone which is why we’ve worked extra hard to keep the ladies in the sport. Many of the ‘chick jammers’ are joining us at our heli-boogie event in Balaton, in Hungary, later this year to further build on their skills.

Organised and held a scrambles competition at Bodyflight Beford in December last year (with the wonderful Milko and Sian) that attracted 50 skydivers from all over the UK making it, we believe, the largest tunnel scrambles competition in the UK.
Gained our ‘Tunnel;’ instructor ratings. Since September ‘18 we have been squeezing shifts in as instructors at Bodyflight Bedford between management consulting, AFF and coaching (sky and tunnel).

Detailed background

2008 – 2012


Silver rookie UK Nationals in the rookie category
FS coach ratings at 200 jumps (the lowest number possible in the UK)
Silver UK Nationals speed 8 competition.

Silver AA UK Nationals
Gold AA UK Skydiving League

Senior 8way – non medal year

Bronze AAA UK Nationals
GB Female Team World Cup, Germany. 5th place
Gold AAA Hib Cup

British Parachute Association inaugural Star Award winners (awarded to those “...who go the extra mile in
helping and supporting A licence holders and above stay and progress in the sport.”)

Change of focus to concentrate on becoming AFF instructors
2013 – 2014

Preparing for AFF rating
British Parachute Association AFFBI rating March 2013, 6 month recommendation
British Parachute Association AFFI rating May 2014
Bronze 8way speed UK Nationals.
Still competing for fun in AAA 4way category
2015 – 2016

Change of focus to learning to freefly and compete in this discipline
Bronze UK Nationals 8way Sequential
6th UK Nationals freefly, B class
AFF Coordinators at UK Parachuting Sibson

Silver 2016 UK Nationals freefly, B class
Still competing for fun in AAA 4way category
Developed ‘FS Coach the Coach’ course and rolled out over the season at Sibson. Resulted in at least 10
new FS coaches

Took 4 rookie teams, 2 AA teams and 1 AAA 4way teams to the indoor skydiving World Challenge (and
competed in 3 of them) and

Took 4 A / AA teams to Revenge, Bodyflight’s end of season tunnel competition, (competing in 1 team and
winning a bronze medal in the A category).

Canopy Formation Nationals 8th Sep 2019 - 10th Sep 2019

Entry fee £5 (6 rounds) £21 per jump
Reg and entry fee by 7th Sept 7pm Briefing and draw 8pm on 7th Sept

Bigway in the UK 21st Sep 2019 - 22nd Sep 2019

Register now -

On the 21st and 22nd of September, Jason Hobbes and I will be organising the largest CF formations flown in the UK in over 10 years at Dunkeswell. The aim will be to complete 16 - 18 way formations depending upon the groups experience and currency.

We will be flying world record/sequential trim lightnings at a 1.3-1.35 wingloading, if you require a canopy for the event please let us know in advance so we can try to coordinate a loan. Please also let us know using the form below if you have spare ones you can bring along.

If you are uncurrent or don't have prior experience of building diamond formations make sure you turn up to one or more of the warm up camps at Dunkeswell on 22nd/23rd June or Langar on 10th/11th August (or another international bigway event such as the Shark Boogie in Teuge (22nd-30th June) in order to make sure you have the skills to safely take part.

If you have any questions shoot us a message.