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Upcoming Sporty Events

At Dunkeswell we support all different forms of skydiving Including Formation Skydiving, Freeflying, Skysurfing, Canopy Formation, Tracking and Wingsuiting so come along and i'm sure there will be something going on for you!

UKSL FS 4-way 5th May 2018 - 6th May 2018

This will be an exciting start to the UKSL competition with Round 1 of the BPA UKSL FS 4-way.
Kit & Docs can be done up until 6pm Friday, and the draw will be at 8pm in The Aviator on Friday.
The competition brief will be at 7.30am on Saturday. All team members must attend.
PLEASE NOTE: There will NOT be a camera pool for this event, so please insure you have a cameraman organised in advance.

BPA Grand Prix in Accuracy 4th Aug 2018 - 5th Aug 2018

Accuracy comes back to Dunkeswell, with round 2 of the Accuracy GP.
Rego is £5. You must register no later than 6pm on Friday 3rd August.
The comp brief will be at 7.30am on Saturday 4th August.
Jump tickets will be £15 each.

BPA Canopy Piloting National Championship 7th Sep 2018 - 9th Sep 2018

Here it is again! The biggest Canopy Piloting competition of the year in the UK.
Who is the best canopy pilot in the UK and who will be crowned a champion in 2018?

We will be open for the whole week before this event, so you can train daily from the 31st of August.
The first official competition day is Friday the 7th of September.

You must be here by 6pm on the Thursday to register. The competition brief will be on Friday at 7.30am.

Rego is £20.