Skydive Altitudes

15,000ft Tandem
from only £199

60 seconds

Once in a lifetime experience? Ticking the bucket list? Jumping for charity? Whatever your reason, if you can afford too; jump from the ultimate altitude! No-one jumps from higher in the UK!

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7,000ft Tandem
from only £149

15 seconds

If you are looking for the buzz of a lifetime but have a smaller budget; this is the perfect skydive for you.

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Charity Tandem
UK's No.1 Location

Combine the most exciting and exhilarating moment of your life with raising funds for a worthy cause.

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Media Options

Photos or Movie
only £140

You’ll have a camera-flyer join you for your skydive. You will be photographed climbing aboard the aircraft and you’ll have your reactions pictured as you ride to altitude.

We have a fantastic team of highly trained freefall photographers who will fly up to your jump altitude with you and your instructor. Your photographer will climb out of the plane and take video and stills footage as you prepare to jump. They’ll then use their skills to fly around you capturing your descent from a range of different angles. You’ll see the stunning landscape below. If you’re a little nervous they’re a great partner to give you face-to-face encouragement in the air, whilst making you the star of experience. Only available from 15,000ft.

You will receive up to 150 Still images which you can take home on the day on a memory Stick. Your Movie will be professionally edited by our team. Only available from 15,000ft.

Instructors Camera

Only £79

The Instructors camera is a wrist mounted camera, which takes close up photographs of you exiting the aircraft and captures your 120mph freefall with up to 150 images!

Your first reactions on landing will also be photographed. Your photos will be displayed a few minutes after your skydive and can be taken away the same day on a memory stick. Only available from 15,000ft.

 This is a highly skilled operation and only those instructors who have done a minimum of 500 tandem skydives are permitted by British Skydiving to do this.

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