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15000ft Tandem Skydive
£239.00 + BPA Insurance £16.60

All payments are non-refundable. Please read the standard terms and conditions and any further terms below which apply to this purchase.

Limited to 10 spaces. If you are unable to jump on your chosen date due to unsuitable weather. You will be required to reschedule for another midweek date within 90 days. Full payment required 10 days before the jump date. Participant must be 40 years old this year to receive this offer, otherwise the standard price will be applied.

Price Breakdown: Skydive Buzz Ltd Tandem Training £119.00 (inc 20% VAT), Skydive Ltd Flight Ticket £120.00 (inc 0% VAT), British Parachute Association 3rd Party Insurance £16.60

Flights Tickets for the purposes of passenger transport taking parachutists to altitude when skydiving from Ltd aircraft are Zero Rated for Vat. The flight ticket part of this payment will be made to Ltd and the remainder to Skydive Buzz Ltd.


Are you or a friend 40 this year?

If you are 40 this year, we would love to take you skydiving.

Why not take advantage of this amazing offer. The price shown above is £40 off our usual price for the 15,000ft tandem skydive.

Happy Birthday :)