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Maisie Williams skydives with us again!

14th November 2015 - Aija Stikane

Maisie Williams from popular TV series “Doctor Who” and “Game of Thrones” skydived for her favourite charities on 17th of October 2015. Skydive took place at Skydive.Buzz in Devon and she opted for the maximum height possible without oxygen 15000 feet. She was raising money for Mencap and the Dolphin Project. She was joined on her skydive by another celebrity American actor and founder of the Dolphin Project Richard O’Barry.

“We both have done a tandem before and now we decided to do one together. We are gonna make this an annual thing.”

Maisie took off in the world’s fastest skydiving plane Beech99 and in 10 minutes was at 15000 feet. She loved all parts of the skydive, freefall, canopy ride and the fact that she was joined by a wingsuiter who is one of her fans amongst skydivers.

When asked, what was her favourite part of the skydive, Maisie said she liked all of it.

“I just loved spiralling fast through parts of the cloud and when you come out - its so beautiful. I love the whole thing.” When asked by a freefall camera man if she could become a full time skydiver, Maisie said: “I would love to!”

Maisie has done a tandem skydive with the same centre before, when she first fell in love with the sky. She is already planning the next jump.

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Maisie Williams Skydive
Maisie Williams Skydive
Maisie Williams Skydive
Maisie Williams Skydive