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Maisie Williams Skydives to Break Guinness World Record

15th April 2015 - Aija Stikane

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams skydives to break Guinness World Record

Actress Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark from the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones will take part in the Guinness World Record attempt on 20th of June 2015. She will attend the world’s biggest tandem skydive event to date. The record will be for the most tandem parachute jumps in 24 hours completed at a single venue. It will take place at Skydive.Buzz at Dunkeswell Airfield, near Honiton in Devon.

Maisie Williams did her first tandem skydive a couple of weeks ago in the same skydiving school. She didn’t originally plan to skydive, but bought a jump for her boyfriend Jack. When Maisie arrived at the skydiving school with her boyfriend, lots of Game of Thrones fans amongst the skydivers immediately recognised her. The boss of Skydive.Buzz offered to take her for a jump, which after the original shock, Maisie agreed to. She was dressed in short denim shorts and wellington boots so had to borrow some trainers from other skydivers. She loved the jump so much that after hearing the same skydiving school is setting a new world record, immediately wanted to take part in it.

Skydive.Buzz plans to do over 300 tandem skydives in one day, starting from 5am in the morning till sunset, all they need is blue skies. They have three of the world’s fastest skydiving aeroplanes taking adrenalin junkies to 15000 feet in 10 minutes. The same skydiving school got the world record in 2014, but it was beaten by the Americans later in the year and is now 286.

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Maisie Williams Skydive
Maisie Williams Skydive
Maisie Williams Skydive
Maisie Williams Skydive