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Take part in a unique Guinness World record!

19th August 2016 - Skydive Buzz


The most tandem skydives from the ULTIMATE height 15000 Feet above the sea level (Flight level 150).

This has never been done before! Take part in a unique Guinness World Record for the most tandem skydives in 24 hours from the ULTIMATE height 15000 Feet above the sea level (Flight level 150). This is the first time in the world anyone will attempt this record where the height is stipulated.

Skydive Buzz Ltd will hold the Record for the most tandem skydives from FL 150 on the 22nd of August 2016. This attempt was set for the 20th June (the longest day of 2016) providing the most daylight for getting the record. We are still confident we can break this record with our amazing aircraft and team even with a little less daylight! We are looking for 450 brave fundraisers to jump in tandem over a 24 hour period.

We operate three Beech 99 aeroplanes; some of the rarest aircraft in the world. They are the biggest, fastest and most comfortable jump planes in Europe, making FL150 incredibly unusual and allows for 60 seconds of freefall. We can only jump during daylight hours, but with the three fastest jump-planes on hand and the best tandem instructors around; we have the ideal combination needed to set a new record and get in the iconic book.

The event is being organised to boost awareness and funds for the charities who have signed up with us. We estimate over £70,000 will be raised for charities at this one-day tandem skydiving event, so get involved and raise money for your chosen charity.


We are experienced in organising big events like this. In 2014 we got the Guinness World Record for the most tandems in 24 hours when we did 281 which we will beat now. Since then the record has been broken, but from much lower height. This is why we are willing to make a new record where the jumping height is paramount. We promise the highest jump possible without the oxygen supply and will take all our jumpers to Flight level 150.

We tried to beat Guinness World Record on 21st June 2015, but it was called off due to poor weather. Since then most supporters have completed their jumps on another day of their choice. Thousands of pounds have been raised for charity as a result even though the jumps didn’t take place in the day it was planned.