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Jump for Free

Our jump for free scheme is the most popular way to raise money for charity through skydiving. Giving more people the chance to carry out this once in a lifetime activity while raising much needed funds for their chosen charity.

How it works

It may seem complicated but its really very easy.

The cost of the 15,000ft jump for free skydive is currently £250. You pay a £50 deposit to book your skydive, then raise the minimum amount set by your chosen charity (usually £395).

Providing you raise at least this amount, the charity are happy for the remaining jump cost (£200) to be paid from the money you have raised.

You may be wondering how this is good for the charity? The scheme guarantees the charity receive at least £145 for everyone how jumps. With an activity such as this, it seems much easier to raise larger funds and not uncommon for people to raise much more than possible with more mundane activities. Your bravery is more likely to be rewarded!

Three simple steps

  1. Choose a Charity that are signed up to "Jump for Free"
  2. Book your skydive with a £50 deposit
  3. Raise money as shown under "Payment Guidelines" on the charity's profile page. You'll receive this by email when you book!

Registered Jump for Free Charities