Tag Rugby Trust

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Please jump for the Tag Rugby Trust because we can actually turn your support into sustainable and lasting developments in developing nations using sport. We run projects all over the World and in the UK and actually use monetary support to get to the people that actually need it.

In the ten years that TRT has existed there has been a distinct shift in the focus of our programmes. Initially the tours aimed primarily to coach children how to play tag rugby and the pinnacle of achievement was to host a tournament day.

As we returned to schools and communities for the second and third time we encountered students from previous years that were keen to stay involved. We provided an opportunity for them to coach younger children and instantly saw them developing a range of useful and valuable skills.

The realisation of what our programme could offer young leaders and adults alike has formed the basis of our accreditation. Tag Rugby is still the vehicle and tournaments are still a highlight of the programme, but the focus of our work is firmly on developing skills applicable beyond the rugby pitch.