Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC)

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Please jump for the Trauma Recovery Centre so that we can help more children and young people to recover from traumatic experiences. As a specialist service we have long waiting lists and by fundraising for TRC we can see more clients! Thank you - we couldn\'t do this without you!

The Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC) has four projects that have each been started to complement each other with the sole purpose of bringing positive, hopeful and strategic intervention to families who are struggling having experienced trauma.

The TRC Therapy Centre provides trauma recovery focused creative therapy for children, young people, and a therapeutic trauma recovery parenting group to support their parents/carers, in order to help the whole family process their traumatic experience, so that their trauma symptoms are reduced in their daily lives. We are able to work with families and see them transform as they recover from the trauma. The children and young people become more able to focus on things that they should be focusing on rather than expending energy on survival methods.

The Treehouse Project is our specialist provision for children and young people and their carers who have been rescued from human trafficking. We have a team of people who are trained in providing therapeutic aftercare as well as a mentoring team.

Oakside Creative Assessment Project is an intensive assessment programme for children who are struggling with mainstream education or struggling with complex trauma symptoms. They may be seen as children and young people who are defiant, non engaging or phobic. We are focused on the child recovering from this trauma. At the end of the 12 week assessment we are able to create a treatment plan for the child, identifying key struggles and the needed treatment and intervention to enable them to engage in their appropriate education setting.

The TRC Training Centre underpins the three projects to ensure a constant provision of excellent training for all our teams and other professionals from key experts in trauma recovery in the UK.

“For the first time I can see genuine joy and happiness in my child. She laughs and enjoys things wholeheartedly. Her fears and worries are fewer and I feel I can now support her with knowledge I have learnt here too. “
Client Parent