Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC)

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Who we are and what we do:

The TRC exists to provide highly specialised trauma recovery support to children, youth, young adults and parents / carers.

Trauma is defined as an experience which is overwhelming and involves an intense sense of terror, powerlessness and overwhelm.

Through our Therapy Centres in Bath, Guernsey and Assessment Centre in Oxford, we facilitate the creative and purposeful recovery of children, young people, young adults aged 3-25 and parents/ carers who have experienced trauma. We are a highly specialised therapy centre offering 1:1 creative, trauma recovery psychotherapy alongside parent/ carer support groups.

We help children and young people recover from a range of traumas, such as: abuse (neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, child sexual exploitation), domestic violence, human trafficking, complex trauma, being a refugee, bullying, bereavement and loss.

We support families as they piece their lives back together until a wholeness can be found.

In addition, the TRC Trauma Recovery Consultancy & Assessment Centre offers bespoke assessments following consultancy from our trauma experts and specialists in our centre in Bath, UK and online.

We believe that recovery from trauma is possible.

The TRC couldn’t run without the generous support of our donors, grant makers and fundraisers.

“For the first time I can see genuine joy and happiness in my child. She laughs and enjoys things wholeheartedly. Her fears and worries are fewer and I feel I can now support her with knowledge I have learnt here too." Client Parent

Why we need you:

The TRC changes lives and we would love you to help us help more kids and young people in desperate need of our service. You will bring hope to the lives of those who have experienced trauma. We don’t want finance to be a block to getting help so we need your help to fundraise!

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