Bridport Area Development Trust

We are a small development Trust in Bridport trying to restore a special building called the Literary and Scientific Institute. This was empty for 11 years. It will become a special INCUBATOR space for small businesses and young people trying to get projects off the ground. It will also have Training rooms and meeting rooms for the use of everyone in the Town. We have raised £45k so far and need another £15k to fit out the inside of this building. The Heritage Lottery Fund and Heritage England have paid for the building restoration but do not contribute to fittings and furnishings. Desks etc.

We were formed in 2006 to bring old buildings in Bridport and its neighbourhood whether derelict of neglected, back into use as community assets. Everyone is a Volunteer. We are a Registered Charity and a Not for Profit Registered Company. There are 7 Directors and a Trust Membership of 39 Organisations and individuals who support our work. We belong to the National Association of Development trusts. There are many helpful Volunteers and we are growing in ambition to help many other local organisations, with our kind of social commitment, to achieve their aims too.