The Helen Foundation

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Please jump for The Helen Foundation as without your help, we cannot support the thousands of young people that benefit each year from the work of the charity in encouraging their participation in the arts.

The Helen Foundation, launched in 2006, celebrates the life of 24 year-old Helen Kirk, then working as a classically-trained actor in London, who tragically died after a road accident on Boxing Day, 2005. Firstly, the Foundation supports all state-funded Teignbridge schools by offering subsidies to engage professional artists to work with their children in whatever art form the school decides. Secondly THF supports, through bursaries, individual young people of artistic talent but lacking the financial means to fulfil their ambitions. Thirdly, THF offers Teignbridge schools The Helen Foundation Award, given annually by schools to the student who has shown best endeavour in the arts. And finally, the charity funds special arts projects for young people, often working with organisations of national standing like the English Touring Opera. All those working for the charity are volunteers and THF is funded by the generosity of people within and beyond Teignbridge. All donations are warmly welcomed. Contact us through the website.