Amber Foundation

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Please jump for the Amber Foundation, each year we have to raise 35-40% of our income from charitable sources and we need your help and support.
Amber is a small, independent charity that helps homeless and unemployed young people in crisis to positively turn their lives around. We do this by offering a temporary, safe place to live with 30 other young people at one of our three residential centres based in Devon, Wiltshire and Surrey. There, in a calm and nurturing environment, we provide a mix of support, structure, new experiences and training that builds their motivation, self-discipline and skill set. We inspire them to take responsibility for their lives and move on to education or employment and safe, sustainable accommodation. Latest figures indicate that over 83,000 young people experience homelessness each year. There are many factors that can lead to a young person becoming homeless including; family breakdown, abuse, leaving care, rent rises or losing their job. Sometimes they make bad decisions and thing can go wrong. Once homeless it can be very difficult to find work, find accommodation and get back on your feet.