Animals in distress

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Please jump for Animals In Distress to help us care for, and re-home unwanted domestic animals. We need your help so we can continue to support the many animals who need our care and help. Thank you

The Animals In Distress cares for and re-homes unwanted domestic animals. The Centre was opened in 1994 and over one thousand animals have been re-homed each year. A major redevelopment of the site has been completed and the numbers of dogs and cats that can be accommodated has doubled. The new amenities include a 28-kennel block (including a preparation area and treatment room) with heated, spacious accommodation, a double storey cattery with comfortable pens and heated beds and also new Dog Special care unit. The rabbit enclosure is looking to be updated in the near future, we are hoping to raise the funds needed to build the Rabbit Enclosure and start work sometime this year.

Animals come to the Rescue Centre for a variety of reasons including bereavement, illness, relationship breakdown, financial reasons and sadly, cruelty and neglect. The policy of the Charity is never to turn away an animal in distress and never to have an animal put to sleep unless, on veterinary advice, it is too ill or dangerous to be re-homed.

Every effort is taken to ensure that prospective owners find the right pet for them. Normally home checks are carried out by volunteer home visitors before any animal leaves the Centre followed by a further check weeks later to ensure all is well. Most animals are checked by our veterinary surgeon before they leave and all cats and dogs are microchipped and vaccinated. Cats and Dogs are neutered before re-homing.