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On the 9th April 2009 I received the greatest news of my life, I was 2 weeks pregnant. Everyone who I told was so excited for me and people followed my pregnancy on facebook. I loved the whole experience of my pregnancy from the first scan to my bump getting bigger even loved been kicked morning noon and night. On the 6th December I turned 38 weeks and it was then everything went tragically wrong. It was about 9:30pm when I felt a heavy drop in my womb, and the pains started. I like everyone else thought I was going into labour so had a hot bath and some paracetamol like the midwife would have told me to do. By morning the pains had not subsided, so after numerous failed attempts to contact my midwives I went to hospital. Sitting in the Day Unit on the Maternity ward, the midwife put the heart monitor to my bump to listen to my babies heart beat, but there was silence. So I was taken to a side room where I received a scan to look for the heart beat. The worst was then confirmed, my baby had died! Devastation hit, the waves of emotions that hit everyone close to me was unbelievable. We had spent months preparing for a healthy baby, instead on the 10th December I give birth to a beautiful sleeping angel, Louis Robert Joseph Knight. As a focus for my grief, I have decided that I would like to help mothers of babies that are stillborn and raise funds to make the experience as painless as possible. 17 babies are stillborn everyday in the UK and very little is available to help these mothers rebuild their shattered lives.