Acorn Youth Community & Sports Centre

01803 328819
The Acorn Centre has served a highly deprived area of Torbay for 50 years and we have lost our Grant from Torbay Council and we will struggle to carry on serving the community.

The Centre was built by the community 50 years ago for the youth of the area. We sit within two social housing estates and in the top most deprived area of Torbay. It is managed by a voluntary board of Trustees, employs 3 full time staff and seasonal workers. The center has grown over the years and is now a youth community and sports center, offering a wide range of activities for everyone in the community. 50+ groups, chairbased exercises, mums and dads groups, youth clubs for all ages. Our doors are open 7 days a week and we have a very open door policy welcoming all.