Families for Children Adoption

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Please support Families for Children because you will be helping a vulnerable child to find an adoptive family and vastly improving their chances of a happy, loving and secure future.

Thanks to your participation in this event you will be raising money for Families for Children Adoption. Families for Children (FFC) is a voluntary adoption agency and registered charity (1093131). Operating throughout Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. The main focus of our work is to find parents for children needing new adoptive families.

Adoption is a way of providing the security of a new family when it is not possible for a child to be brought up by his/her own parent(s). There are several thousand children in local authority care at any one time who are waiting for an adoptive family. Families for Children is committed to providing adoption support to children and families. This support is available when, and for as long as, it is needed. This work is the main focus of our fundraising activities.

Families for Children is delighted to have the support of seven celebrity patrons, Michael Caines MBE, Caroline Quentin, Judi Spiers, Mark Tyler, David Lawrence Jones, Lord Julian Fellowes and Lady Emma Fellowes. Both Michael and Mark were adopted through Families for Children. Caroline Quentin says 'when I was told about the charity and what they do, I think it touched a nerve with me because I've got two kids and they are so central to my life, when Tracy (Ebbrell, Fundraising & Engagement Specialist) started talking about finding families for children who weren't central to someone's life it really hit home for me and I wanted to see if I could be of any assistance; for the people looking for children and those children who are coming into new families. If I could make that any easier or encourage people to do it, I felt that would be helpful and I have to say, having been involved for a couple of years now, it is probably the most enjoyable thing I ever do all year'.