Womankind Bristol Women's Therapy Centre

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With your help, we can provide support to hundreds of women and girls each year who are affected by rape, sexual and domestic violence, depression and anxiety. Please jump for Womankind!

Womankind is an established charity and provides a range of mental health support services for women. It takes great courage to face the horrific experiences many of these women have encountered and we have often had the privilege of witnessing remarkable stories of transformation. However, demand for our work is always very high and we are not yet able to help every woman that contacts us. There has been an increase in the already large number of women approaching us for support specifically around sexual abuse since the allegations involving Savile and others became public. The money you raise will help us to help more women.

'I am a survivor and not a victim and I have you to thank for that'
'Womankind made me realise that I wasn't to blame for the abuse that I suffered as a child'