Wessex MS Therapy Centre

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Please jump for Wessex MS Therapy Centre because we are self funded and provide invaluable therapies to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis enabling them to cope with this debilitating illness

The first MS Therapy centre in Warminster started as Mid-West Friends of ARMS located in the old physiotherapy department of the Beckford Centre, the first oxygen session was in the third week of July 1984 after two years of fund raising and preparing the Building, British Oxygen Engineers fitted the Oxygen supply equipment on 18th June 1984, at the same time the therapy chamber was undergoing Engineering Insurance inspection, and was lowered through the sky lights by crane a week later, by September that year the waiting list had grown to over 100.

We were given notice to vacate the Building by the Wiltshire area health authority in the mid-nineties, our saviours being the Wiltshire fire service who donated the land for the present Therapy Centre and the Bradbury Trust for a donation. Work started on the new building in January 1997 and we moved in November 1997, the Wiltshire fire service have access to the oxygen unit 24/7 to treat suffers of smoke inhalation to minimize lung damage .

The present Wessex MS Therapy Centre offers Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Oxygen Therapy, Counselling and Massage as well as being its own community to many sufferers with Multiple Sclerosis in Wiltshire and surrounding areas.