Keep Evie Smiling

My daughter Evie is always smiling even with all of her disabilities. But over the last 4 years Evie has smiled less and less as she has mainly been very ill in hospital with serious breathing problems and constantly fitting due to her uncontrolled epilepsy.

Now she is home she needs to increase her physiotherapy with trained physios coming to her and also she needs sensory toys and equipment that will help her grow learn.

My name is Mykala Doyle and I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter called Evie who has cerebral palsy and uncontrolled epilepsy. Evie has spent most of her time the last 4 years very ill in hospital and in this time doctors have induced a coma and had a machine breath for her 7 times. In 2014 Evie was at her worst, so she needed emergencey operations to have a tracheostomy to help her breathing and a VNS to help reduce her fitting.

As well as Evie's tracheostomy and VNS Evie has a jejunostomy tube for eating, drinking and giving her medicines, hearing aids, a portacath which Evie had an operation to insert just under her skin so doctors can take blood or give iv drugs when needed. Evie has suctioning throughout the day and night to clear her airways, nebulisers every 2 to 4 hours, physiotherapy at least twice a day and when Evie is asleep she is on a machine which gives her humidified and pressured oxygen.

After 6 months in hospital Evie is home, she needs to have physiotherapy and special equipment everyday to help with her health. but what I wish most of all is for Evie to have a sensory room so she can play and learn with toys that she can access Evie has been through so much and she deserves to be happy in her own home.

Unfortunately all of this is very expensive so with the help of friends and family we are planning fundraisers so we can Keep Evie Smiling.

Keep Evie Smiling is a registered charity through Tree of hope the charity number is 1149254

Support Evie at
Or text EDED60 £ (with how much you're donating) to 70070