Devon Freewheelers EVS

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Without the public's generosity as a Charity we would not be able to continue our voluntary service as we have to maintain our bikes regularly. We are a non-funded charity so all monies is either through kind donations or fund raising events such as these.

Devon Freewheelers provides an out of hours courier service to the NHS across the county of Devon. The service operates between the hours of 5pm and 6am on weekdays and offers 24-hour cover on weekends and bank holidays. The service is provided on motorbikes all ridden by volunteers, who courier whole blood, blood samples, tissue samples, emergency medication, emergency medical equipment and donor breast milk for premature babies. Despite saving the NHS thousands of pounds within Devon by offering this service, Devon Freewheelers receives no funding from them whatsoever. Some members of Devon Freewheelers are also trained First Responders who work in conjunction with the South West Ambulance Service. If a person is suffering a life-threatening crisis within up to 8 miles of where a trained volunteer is stationed, they can be called upon to attend the patient, often arriving before the land ambulance, therefore giving the patient vital extra minutes of life saving care. The charity also provides the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance with blood every 48 hours, this enables the critical care doctors and paramedics on board to give blood at the scenes of accidents. Having the blood on board has been proven to be a life saver.
Last year it cost £150,000 to provide theses service to the residents and visitors of Devon, all of which was raised through the generosity of public donations and by companies and community groups adopting the charity for a year as their charity of choice. The charities volunteers as well as giving up their time to provide the service, also fundraise on a weekly basis to keep the charity operational. To see how you can help the charity please take a look at our website.