Calm Africa (Children's Rights Advocacy and L

Please jump for CALM Africa because we cannot sustainably protect and educate vulnerable children in Uganda without the generosity of the public. Jump for CALM Africa to help the vulnerable and orphaned children in Uganda enjoy their rights and reach their full potential.

Children's Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission (CALM Africa) is a non-profit charitable organisation, focusing on the promotion, observance and protection of the rights of the child in general, and concerned with the plight of vulnerable children in particular. CALM Africa started in 1985 as a Self Help Group Rakai District to fight HIV/AIDS and later transitioned into a National Charity in 2005 to help children living in very difficult circumstances especially children growing up alone after losing both parents to AIDS. Our goal is improving the welfare and education of children especially those that are disadvantaged and vulnerable as well as empowering young people to live their full potential. This is done by effectively promoting the observance of Children's Rights, the provision of life sustaining skills and the creation of structures that offer an enabling environment for Child protection and Development. CALM Africa vision is seeing that the rights of children, as defined by the UN Convention 1990, are promoted protected and observed in Africa as a basis on which children are able to shape their own future. Our Strategic Priorities include the following:
1. Awareness Creation on Children's Rights
2. Education and Training
3. Child Protection and Family Support Relief
4. Resource Mobilization and Partnership Building
5. Capacity Building and Income Generating Projects
6. Environmental Protection and Food Security
7. Entrepreneurship Development