St Peter's Hospice

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At St Peter’s Hospice it’s not about counting the moments, it’s about making them matter. Take the leap with us and help us to continue to give entirely free of charge care to thousands of patients and their families every year.

St Peter’s Hospice cares for adults who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting or terminal illness. We aim to improve the quality of their living and dying while extending crucial care and support to their families and loved ones. We provide support in a wide range of ways and include physical, psychological and spiritual care for our patients in their own homes as well as at the Hospice in Brentry. We also teach other healthcare professionals about how to care for people at the end of their lives, and how to help patients achieve a good death. Our Inpatient Unit has 15 ensuite bedrooms for short stays for more complex needs which cannot be met in the patients home. Our professional team works together to provide palliative care and support for patients who need more intensive help. Each room also has a comfortable sofa bed so that a loved one can stay overnight giving flexibility to families. Although we operate the only adult Hospice in the Bristol area 80% of our care is given in the community, caring for patients in any setting wherever they are living. Our Community Nurse Specialists are experienced nurses with additional training in palliative care and communication skills. They work alongside GPs and other community nurses in their area and meet them regularly to discuss patients’ symptom management, support and care. They also work with hospital teams to ensure their teams have a good knowledge of our services to pass on to patients.
Within the Hospice we also have our ‘Day Services’ which aims to provide a therapeutic environment that increases patients’ sense of confidence and empowerment in living with their illnesses. If patients are referred to Day Services they go one day a week for 12 weeks. There they can see a range of specialist staff and take part in informal discussion groups, gentle exercise or learn relaxation techniques. All of this care is provided free of charge to patients in the wider Bristol area which makes fundraising and donations to our service so crucial.