Riley's Wish

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Please jump for Riley's wish as we continue raising autism awareness for the thousands of people living with autism and their families.

Riley's wish is under the Holly's Ball group and is 1 of 4 charity balls held up and down the UK. Holly's Ball is held in Wales. Emily's Ball is another held in Wales. Grant's Wish in Scotland and the first one in England is Riley's Wish, this is to be held in the South West.

Riley's wish was set up 2 years ago after Riley (who is 9) and his Mum decided they wanted to improve the awareness of Autism. His Mum Victoria Powis, decided that together they would set up a charity ball and ended up raising thousands for their chosen charities whilst informing people about this disabling condition. Autism is a serious, lifelong and disabling condition and without the right support, it can have profound and sometimes devastating effects on individuals. It affects around 1 in 100 people. It is incurable and very much a hidden disability.

Victoria (Riley's Mum) says, "Not every disability uses a wheelchair, not all disabilities are visible. All too often, people with autism face continuous problems getting the support and acceptance they need in all aspects of their life, with every little step and achievement Riley makes in his life, I realise he has had to work so, so hard for it and I find him fascinating and inspirational. These little steps should be celebrated. This is the reason for Riley's Wish".