Heartswell South West

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Please jump for Heartswell because we are a point of need charity who respond to the needs of our clients. We are currently raising money for specialist lifesaving equipment, counselling services, as well as continuing our support of cardiac patients, their families and their carers.

Since 1996, Heartswell has raised over 1 million pounds, through the hardwork of our members, volunteers, supporters and the generosity of the general public. Heartswell has provided vital cardiac equipment and services for hospitals in Devon and Cornwall which is not usually funded by the NHS. Our achievements include, £125,000 for a Electrocardiography Computer System, £64,000 to Derriford Hospital for an Echo Machine and TOE Probe. Our greatest achievement remains the construction of Heartswell Lodge in 2001, providing high quality accommodation for the families and carers of heart patients in Derriford Hospital.