Please jump for Sparks Charity because Sparks is a leading medical research charity dedicated to funding pioneering research into wide ranging conditions and disabilities affecting babies and children and mums-to-be.

Each year in the UK over 3000 babies die before their first birthday and 1 in 30 are born with a condition which may affect them for life.
We aim to change this by funding and championing high quality medical research which advances clinical understanding and treatment of conditions affecting babies, children and mums-to-be.
We support vital medical research that will:
- Increase the life expectancy of newborn babies
- Reduce the health risks for babies born prematurely
- Combat serious conditions such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy and childhood cancers, such as neuroblastoma
- Develop more effective treatments and diagnostic tools for life-limiting conditions affecting babies and young children
To date, Sparks has committed over £22 million in research funding awarded to leading centres of international excellence throughout the UK.