Dogs for Autism

Please sponsor me to Wing Walk and help Dogs for Autism transform the life of an adult or child with Autism. We currently have 30 assistance dogs in the UK that are either working or in training but receive over a thousand enquiries each year from people interested in applying. The only limit to how many dogs we can train and place with families is financial, and once we have more funds in place, we will be able to train more dogs to support more autistic people. Every pound donated or raised makes a substantial difference to autistic adults and children within the UK.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects around 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, in various ways. Some commonly reported difficulties include interpreting verbal and non-verbal language, understanding other’s feelings and intentions, expressing emotions and thoughts, and an over or under sensitivity to sounds, sights, tastes, touch, temperatures, and pain. These difficulties can make navigating the social world challenging and stressful, which can lead to exclusion, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and mental health issues.
Having a Dogs for Autism assistance dog can help mitigate these difficulties and with this produce life changing benefits for their autistic partners and their families. These include reducing social deprivation and isolation, decreasing feelings of anxiety and stress, promoting confidence and independence, providing companionship and a source of tactile stimulation, and enhancing physical and emotional well-being.