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Upcoming Sporty Events

At Dunkeswell we support all different forms of skydiving Including Formation Skydiving, Freeflying, Skysurfing, Canopy Formation, Tracking and Wingsuiting so come along and i'm sure there will be something going on for you!

Gary Powell FS Bigway 21st Oct 2017 - 22nd Oct 2017

Have you got your FS1? Are you comfortable jumping in groups of 3 and 4 FS jumpers and want to progress your jumping and have even more fun? Gary Powell is organising FS bigways once a month! Why not join Gary to get guidance and build on your skills. Jumps cost just the normal jump price and you get a camera debrief if the group is bigger than 6 people. Normally the group meets at 8am on Saturday and does 5- 6 jumps together, progressing into Sunday. If you have any queries, please get in touch with Gary directly on Facebook