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Learn to Skydive

If you are considering learning to skydive, you are looking in the right place. We offer students the perfect platform for efficiently becoming qualified then developing skills in all aspects of skydiving.

We have a huge regular sport jumper attendance and are renowned for our friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Why Learn with Us?

Our instructors and coaches are some of the best available and on top of this we have a fleet of the fastest jump planes in the world! Our THREE Beech 99 aircraft reach the ultimate flight level 150 (15,000ft) in approximately 9 minutes carrying up to 20 people. Having a fleet of aircraft gives us great advantages such as being able to maximise our jumping time by switching aircraft if one goes out of service, and bring more aircraft into action to meet high demand.


need more reasons?...

Choose the path that suits you...

Optional Tandem Skydive

from only £149

Experience the ultimate altitude Tandem Skydive strapped to a highly experienced instructor.

You will be introduced to the sensations of skydiving with the comfort and safety of knowing a professional is in control.

You may even choose to carry out this jump using our Jump for Free scheme and raise money for charity at the same time.

Category System (Static Line)

Ground School & 1st Jump - only £199

The program starts with approximately 6 hours training on the ground. You will then be ready to take to the sky.

When carrying out a static line jump, your parachute is deployed (opened) automatically by a cord attached to the aircraft meaning you only experience a very short freefall and your parachute is deployed soon after leaving the aircraft. In the duration of this course you will complete at least 17 parachute jumps before achieving your qualification in skydiving.

Complete Levels

You must complete a minimum of 17 jumps in this program to achieve your A license.

As you progress through this course your jump altitude will increase and in the last levels you will deploy the parachute yourself.

Accelerated Freefall

Ground School & 1st Jump - from £375

This is the fastest way to learn to skydive. Your first jump will be from full altitude with 2 instructors holding on to you giving you guidance throughout the skydive.

Before you can make your first skydive – we will teach you how! You will receive a minimum of 6 hours ground tuition, covering the safety aspects, the equipment you will use, how to exit the aircraft, control in freefall and how to fly and land your parachute. There is then a multiple choice test that you will be expected to pass. On completion of the ground tuition, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to make you a safe and confident first time skydiver. Your jump will then take place on the next jumpable day.

You must complete a minimum of 18 jumps in this course to achieve your A license, 8 course jumps + 10 solo consolidation jumps.


You are now an "A licenced" skydiver

What's Next?

Now you have your A licence you can start progressing with coaching.

At Skydive Buzz we have professionals in almost all disciplines ready to start coaching you. Formation Skydiving, Head Up, Head Down, Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting (biggest swoop pond), Sky Surfing... We also offer instructor training!